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We have been Twinning for over 50 years !



Art and Culture

Art and culture still thrives today.  The town has a rich cultural heritage of art, architecture and music.  This tradition continues and many small squares are enlivened with modern sculptures and water features.

The Jacquemart

Jacques Marteau - the small figure who comes out to strike the hour on top of the Mediaeval clock tower has been part of the town’s daily life for over 500 years.  He watches over the attractive square below.

Food and Wine

Good traditional food and local farm produce play an important part in everyday living - alongside the large supermarkets.  Pogne is the local  sweet bread - good for dunking in coffee !

Modern Art & Fun

This rather large lady is apparently inviting someone to kiss her !  A challenge if you lose your game of petanque in this town park.

If you visit Romans see if you can find her.  She’s not far from the Town Hall.



MAP of Romans

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The Town

Romans is a very attractive historic town on the banks of the River Isere.  Its origins date back to Roman times but it was not until the IX century that it became a centre of art, history and commerce - centred on the collegiate church of St Barnard on the banks of the river.

Each year an International Folklore Festival takes place in Romans.  Groups from all over the world are invited to take part - showing their traditions and cultures in the form of dance and music.   There are a number of grand processions with music and traditional dancing which can range from Africa to China -  Australian Aboriginals to French stilt dancers - often involving more than two dozen countries - and all age groups.  It is a very spectacular week, culminating in a combined performance on stage in the grounds of  the old convent which now houses the shoe museum.  The festival usually takes place during the second week in July.  Contact us if you are interested.  
See Empi et Riaume and  CIOFF

Romans Folklorique

International Folklore Festival

The International Festival is organized by

Empi et Riaume