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We have been Twinning for over 50 years !


Coalville & District Town Twinning Association


The Beginning

The Association was formed in 1962, following a visit to Romans-sur-Isere by members of the local Rotary.  They arranged for representatives of Romans to come over to have a look at Coalville and the Town Twinning agreement was formally signed by the Council.


Our Aims

The purpose of Town Twinning is generally to promote peace and understanding between nations by fostering links and good relations between  the twin towns and their inhabitants through exchanges, links and projects and to examine issues of mutual interest.  


This means having a formal Twinning agreement with a Twin Town, developing links between social, cultural, sporting and business organisations and arranging Exchange Visits.  These are not, in our case, ‘Civic’ visits - they are exchanges between ordinary families and members of local organisations.  Anyone  living in the Coalville area can apply to join and take part in exchanges.


Long-term friendships

Many of the family friendships that were established over 50 years ago are still going strong.  Some of the children who exchanged are now grown up with families of their own and are still involved in Twinning.  New families join each year and soon become part of the Twinning tradition - you are never too old or too young to take part.


Youth Exchanges

In the past we have also organised Youth Exchanges. Coalville young people had the opportunity to go Romans and to host a young person from Romans in return.  There are still opportunities for young people to take part in other projects in France and join in international projects with other towns twinned or linked with Romans-sur-Isere.



We hold a number of events throughout the year to raise funds to help finance the programme of events and activities we put on for the French Adults and French Youth Exchange when they are in Coalville.  


Town Twinning members going to France on the Exchange Visits or attending the International Biennale weekend pay for their own transport costs but are provided with accommodation, meals and activities by their French hosts.


International Festival of Culture

Every year there is an International festival of Folklore and Culture in Romans.  Contact us if you are interested.


Partner Towns


Romans-sur-Isere has links with 9 other towns :


Twin Towns

Coalville - UK

Varese et Corsano - Italy

Straubing - Germany

Zlin - Czech republic

Zadar - Croatia


Co-operation Towns

Taroudant - Morocco

El Jem - Tunisia

Beit Sahour - Palestine

Vardenis - Armenia  

Coalville & District Town Twinning Association is supported by North West Leicestershire District Council