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We have been Twinning for over 50 years !

Youth Exchange

In addition to the Adult Exchange Programme, we have, for many years, also run a Youth Exchange for young people 12 - 17 years of age.  Unfortunately these exchanges are currently not running but could be resumed if there is sufficient interest from young people and potential leaders.  


The Youth Exchanges normally take place on alternate years - our young people last spent two weeks in  Romans in July 2008 .

There was not a return visit to Coalville in 2009 because insufficient Coalville families were able to host the 20 French young people who wished to come, however, we hope to be able to host them in future years.


Young people can join separately - their parents do not have to take part in the adult exchanges, although they will be expected to host a French teenager in return if their child goes on a Youth Exchange to Romans.  


We are always interested to hear from anyone who may be able to help with the organization of the youth events, both here, and travelling to France.


We are also developing direct links between local groups and organisations  here and in Romans, with a view to arranging new group exchanges with existing clubs, bands, orchestras and sports.  Please contact us if your organisation may be interested in taking up these opportunities.


Youth Activities

Not only do the young people take part in the normal visits to places of interest, there are social events,and projects, discos, barbecues and the inevitable ‘Petanque’!  In addition there are musical and sporting links - where we have involved local organizations - we try to involve the whole community.  There are many  opportunities for organizations to arrange visits and activities through our Town Twinning Association links.


Sport & Culture

The under 14 team from Coalville Football Club went to Romans in 2008 to take part in an international football competition and came second - the winners being a team from Romans.  There have also been successful Judo exchanges and  a visit by the Coalville Rugby Club juniors who put up a very good performance.


If you know any organization that would like to take part in an active sporting, artistic, musical  or cultural exchange please contact the Town Twinning Secretary  or Chairman (Addresses on our Home Page)


Youth Visit  to France

Unfortunately we are no longer able to run Youth Exchanges. The last student visit to Romans was in July 2008.  The cost was about £200 per person.  Food and accommodation is provided by the host families.  

We are always interested to hear from anyone who may be able to help with the organization of the youth events, both here, and travelling to France. Or from local groups or organizations interested in making an Exchange .


Hosting at home

If you would be willing to put up a French student 12 -17 years of age and you have a son or daughter of a similar age, please let us know - even if you are not sure whether your child will want to go to France the following year.


The French youngsters will speak English !!


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